No Recovery No Fee

The Cohen Law Firm handles all motor vehicle accident and other personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This means if you do not receive compensation, then you do not owe us anything.

Every day we see the economic hardships caused by motor vehicle collisions. In addition to physical and emotional pain, car accident victims suffer numerous expenses that may include lost wages, medical bills, and even purchasing another car. You do not want to hire a lawyer for a motor vehicle accident or other personal injury case who is going to cost you more money than you have already lost. That’s the beauty of our contingency fee arrangement.

We commit our resources to cover the expenses necessary to build the strongest case possible. We only recover fees and expenses if we win. If not, you don’t owe us anything.

Equally as important, the contingent fee agreement creates a partnership and incentive. Under the contingent fee agreement, we are invested in the outcome of your case. We are incentivized to work hard to make your case as successful as possible. After all, our fees are tied to your results. The better your results the better our fees.

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